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20% off @ First City University May 2017 Intake

Intake is in progress for the programmes listed. Registration is open also for other programmes at Foundation, Degree and Master level. Students will be able to enjoy the Early Bird Discount off the first semester’s tuition fees if they register NOW. Grab this offer by calling our Marketing department at 03 7727 3200.

Your degree doesn’t define your future

The Bachelor Degree you get does not necessarily determine what you be at the END……Life is long, you will never know what you will be at the end of your life, you may end up being rich, but may be (unhealthy, bad lifestyle)….Or you may end up living happily (Maybe wealthy…. Nice LifeStyle) … However…

Kingston Data Traveller Ultimate GT

“Something small & compact, But More in Storage Capacity” The new DataTraveler Ultimate GT — the GT stands for Generation Terabyte — is the world’s highest capacity USB flash drive, and comes in 1TB and 2TB offerings for those who want to transport large amounts of data with them without relying on hard drives or…

Misconception on Malaysia’s IT students

Compare to all the other department in the University or College(Business, Design, Hospitality…) … IT students have the most misconception or false stereotypes….. Click this link to READ MORE …. FROM

Example of Bluetooth 5 Connection Until NOW (IOT)

Have you ever wondered what example or industry uses Bluetooth 5 in Industrial or IoT ?? For More Info, check out on this page on the upcoming webinar by Barry Manz, president of Manz Communications, Inc.

An Alternative path to major in AI Degree

Took a different course (Econs, Acc, Business)… or major in Software Engineering,etc….but would like to major in Artificial Intelligence or Intelligent System…. Then check this OUT

First City University College (FCUC) – Formally known as KBU College

Facility in FCUC Go to new Building just launched or open to students recently to for equiry on course program/structure offered. Student admission office/Marketing/Counselling office Facilities that help student throughout their semester Admin office A place where you Pay semester fees Pay Parking fees Add credit to (student card/account)- (Printing/Photostat) Get classroom key Cafeteria Student…

Start off with One of Malaysia’s best Foundation course for Engineering & Computing pathway @ FCUC

Foundation in Engineering, Science & Technology (FEST) Introduction In today’s techno world, It is essential to build a solid foundation nurture competent graduates who are able to apply their knowledge and use their skills for the advantage of the industry. The programme “Foundation in Engineering, Science and Technology” offered by First City University College industry-relevant,…

Start Creating an Application @ (First City University College)

Faculty of Engineering & Computing Industry Linkage Introduction First City University College offers 4 home-grown programmes; all specially-crafted to meet the demands of the fast-changing industry which is constantly innovating itself to keep up with the digital world. These brand new programmes: Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (Hons), Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons), Bachelor of Computer…