First City University College (FCUC) – Formally known as KBU College

Facility in FCUC

Go to new Building just launched or open to students recently to for equiry on course program/structure offered.

Student admission office/Marketing/Counselling office


FCUC Marketing Area

Facilities that help student throughout their semester

Admin office
A place where you

  1. Pay semester fees
  2. Pay Parking fees
  3. Add credit to (student card/account)- (Printing/Photostat)
  4. Get classroom key

FCUCC Cafeteria Spot

Student Lounge
Student Lounge
A place for students to chill down after class or …. before class

IT Centre
FCUC IT Centre

Laptop area

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Engineering Lab

Sports facilities

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Course Offered in FCUC

  1. Faculty of Arts and Social Science
  2. Faculty of Design and Built Environment
  3. Faculty of Engineering and Computing

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