Start off with One of Malaysia’s best Foundation course for Engineering & Computing pathway @ FCUC

Foundation in Engineering, Science & Technology (FEST)


In today’s techno world, It is essential to build a solid foundation nurture competent graduates who are able to apply their knowledge and use their skills for the advantage of the industry. The programme “Foundation in Engineering, Science and Technology” offered by First City University College industry-relevant, and by using a hands-on approach in teaching to mould these future engineers, programmers and IT specialists to be industry-ready.

The one-year foundation programme consists of three pathways; students will have a choice to pursue undergraduate degree studies in Engineering/Science (Electronic Engineering), or Computing (Computer Science / Software Engineering / Information Technology / Information Systems ) at First City UC by selecting the respective elective modules required for each of the degree courses in Semester 2 and 3.


FEST Programme is formally known as NCC Level 4 Diploma in Computing (UK) FEST Programme still retained the contents(programme structure/Syllabus), but the difficulty level is much more easier compare to NCC Level 4 Diploma in Computing (UK). Nevertheless, with the well-structured contents, the graduates of this foundation course has much more solid foundation as compared to students who take foundation in Science and Arts to prepare themselves to further the studies in Engineering or Computing Pathway.

Programme Structure


Semester 1

Students will explore their first programming language(VBA) of which they will analyse, design and develop an IT solution for a business case(Advanced Office Software). Also, student will build solid mathematics background which is Analytical Maths. In this semester, student will learn of the basic understanding on computing.

Semester 2 & 3

Student will continue to build solid foundation on Mathematics as they take their electives pathway(Engineering & Computing).

For student who choose computing pathway, they will learn several basic programming techniques and languages. Basic Programming Techniques(Software Design Techniques, Structure Programming, Object Oriented Programming) ….. Programming Language (Structured Programming : C++, Object Oriented Programming : Java, Database: SQL)….. MarkUp Language (HTML,CSS).

On the other hand, for students who choose the Engineering pathway, they will be equipped with technical knowledge in Engineering-related modules, such as Mechanics, Electrical and Electronics, and instrumentation and measurements in Semester 2; and Applied Physics and Materials Science in Semester 3.

Semester 3

Student will have to create an functional application for a project in a group based on what they have learned in that 1 year duration.


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